Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is a common condition affecting both men and women. The process can start as early as puberty and prevalence increases with increasing age. Male sex hormones (androgens) interact with the hair cell, causing follicle miniaturisation and eventual arrest of hair growth (baldness). Hair-follicle sensitivity to androgens is mainly based on an individual's genetic makeup, however, length (time) and strength of exposure to androgens play a part in the process as well as hair location.

How to combat hairloss

Reduce androgens - This is the only mechanism which tackles the root of the issue. By reducing the amount and strength of androgens the body produces, the hair-follicle miniaturising process can be prevented or at least lessened. 

Increase blood supply - By increasing the blood supply to the hair follicle you can improve nutrient delivery and optimise the conditions for hair growth. Though this doesn't overcome the underlying process, optimising hair growing conditions appear to at least partially counter the effect of androgens.

Multi-vitamins - Similarly to improving blood supply, taking multi-vitamins ensures the body has the optimum building blocks to make new healthy hair.

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